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The director of
Say Yes To Japan
also writes about the deep, the dark, and the funny. 

  • Japan is home to anime, sushi, Hello Kitty, and 127 million people; most of whom don't know the Lord.

    Say Yes to Japan.
  • Japan has been in a deep spiritual darkness since her suppression of Christianity in the 1600s. But missionaries and ministers have spent years plowing rock into softer soil. Praise the Lord! Interest in Christianity is up. 

    Say Yes to Japan.
  • 830,000 Japanese people live in the U.S. (source: and can be introduced to the Lord here. Please obtain for your Japanese friends some of the great Christian resources that are available in Japanese.

    Say Yes to Japan
  • Japan missionaries and ministers need prayer and support and more people to help them.

    Say Yes to Japan.
  • Japan, one of the few countries in the 10/40 Window whose doors are wide open, is the most strategic nation in the Far East.