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Missions / Ministry

See the Missionary Sending Organizations section of our Resources page.

Teaching at a Christian School

Contact: personnel(at)
One-year contract. Once-a-year interview in the U.S. Need partial support & must be associated with an organization. Actively seeking staff in the areas of: kindergarten, ESL, PE, art, English, piano, instrumental music, choir, speech and language therapy, maintenance personnel. Check the website for job listings.

Contact: office(at)
Teacher certification required. Positions regularly available. Actively seeking teachers for English and math/science. See website for job listings.

Christian school in Okinawa is looking for teachers with "missionary hearts." A teaching couple would be ideal. See website for job listings.

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Teaching English

Be salaried by the Japanese government to teach English in a junior high or senior high school in Japan! Fairly strict requirements. Say Yes to Japan can help applicants locate a nearby missionary/church.

JET also hires a very limited number of people to serve as "coordinator for international relations" and "sports exchange advisor."

There is a JET Christian Fellowship group that helps Christian teachers get the most out of their JET experience. Check out their site or find them on Facebook.

Japan Mission (interdenominational) evangelizes the unsaved and assists the Bible-teaching churches of Japan, linking those reached through various avenues of ministry to existing Bible-teaching Churches. Apply on their website.

Shukugawa Bible Church (Kobe-Osaka)

Contact: Madoka Hata
Teach English in association with the Shukugawa Bible Church (inter-denominational) in Nishinomiya City. Opportunity to help with various ministry outreaches as well. Apartment and salary provided; one- or two-year commitment required. Email office(at) for more information.

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Creative Ideas

Get a taste of Japan while earning a salary. Disney hires mostly musicians, dancers, actors. Audition info on this website; scroll down to "Auditions for" and select "Tokyo Disneyland."

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