Manna Channel

Japanese language. Short, simple teachings/Bible studies on a single theme.


Multilingual. Enter “Japan” for digital Bibles and Scripture resources in the Japanese language, including many free of charge.

English-Japanese Bible Studies

Bilingual resources from Mustard Seed Church in Osaka in smartphone, tablet, and print-ready formats. Free to use and share (but may not be re-sold or altered).

Foundational Scriptures in Japanese and English

Click to download and share.

Lessons on Assurance

Japanese: 確信の学び これから信仰生活を始める人のために
Produced by Navigators and highly recommended by one of our missionaries. Five short topical Bible studies on basic promises God gives to Christians: (1) Assurance of salvation, (2) Answered prayer, (3) Victory over sin, (4) Forgiveness, and (5) Guidance. Get to know God’s character as you learn and memorize Scripture. An excellent tool for discipleship. Use the link above or search using the Japanese title; English version available here.

CLC Books

JAPANESE. Christian Literature Crusade’s chain of bookstores in Japan.

CLC International/Multi-Language Media

ENGLISH version of the above.

The Concise Bible

JAPANESE site. Read online, order, or download here:

Ethnic Harvest

Some versions can be read free online. Connects to ordering info at

Japan Christian Link

Based in the U.K. Japanese Bibles, bilingual Bible studies, tracts, and more.