KOMOREBI: Light Shines Through

VIDEO. A young Japanese woman shares her testimony of becoming a Christian. (English, with English subtitles for Japanese dialogue.)


Returnee and Diaspora Ministry of TEAM

Helps Japanese returnees grow strong in their faith, find their place in a church in Japan, and contribute to the ministry of the local Japanese church.

Operation World

Statistics-based prayer guide.

Homestay Program

JAPANESE. Mission To Japan works with churches in Orlando, Florida, to provide homestay programs for Japanese college students. Known as Homestay International for Japanese students, this program is offered during Japanese college students’ spring, summer, and winter breaks for 3 to 4 weeks. The program has English classes, a Bible study in Japanese, outings to Disney World, a retreat with American college students, and provides Christian host families for both Christian and non-Christian Japanese students.

Operation Japan Prayer

Facebook page. Thoughts from the Operation Japan prayer guide are used to help visitors focus prayers on specific issues and geographical locations in Japan.

Japanese Christian Fellowship Network

BILINGUAL. Mostly for Japanese Christians introduced to Christianity in the U.S. who now need spiritual support and connecting to good churches/Christians upon their return to Japan. Interdenominational. EQUIPPER Newsletter has testimonials.

Reaching Japanese for Christ

Network of Christian believers and resources focused on reaching Japanese people who come to North America on a temporary basis.