One Mission Society (OMS)

OMS started in 1901 in Japan and is now in 78 countries around the world. OMS is using sports, technology, arts, TESOL/ESL, and other creative means to reach Japanese youth, with the goal of new disciples and churches in Japan. Join us!

Macedonian Project Japan

Though not exactly a sending organization, the Macedonian Project Japan is a point of contact for those interested in pursuing short-term missions in Japan—whether by college internship programs or personal interest—with a goal of doing long-term ministry. The Macedonian Project is connected with the Christian Church/Church of Christ and seeks especially to provide service opportunities to those churches.

Team Expansion

Has missionaries around the world, including Japan. Long-term and short-term opportunities.

Operation Mobilization, Logos Ship

Members of the crew give tours, cultural programs, Christian testimonies. They also do service projects at churches, prisons, or orphanages in port cities around the world, sometimes in Japan. Two-month to two-year commitment.

Mustard Seed Network

Mustard Seed Network is a network of gospel-centered churches in urban Japan. Their mission is to glorify God by making disciples through planting gospel-centered churches in Japan’s urban areas. A presence in Japan since 2008.


Organization with a very long history. Website has good general info on Japan. Long-term and short-term opportunities.

Let’s Start Talking

Organizes 2- to 6-week trips to serve missionaries by teaching English classes from the book of Luke. Known for their excellent training to minimize the burden on missionaries.

Commission to Every Nation

CTEN is an interdenominational agency with missionaries throughout the world. For current openings in the Japan field, see the “Opportunities” page.

Japan Mission

Interdenominational mission. Various opportunities.


Beyond’s mission is to create an environment for the Word to rapidly spread. Using people groups to network within their own cultures, Beyond starts church-planting movements that transform lives. You can sign up for “Nuggets,” free online training on missions topics.